Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Currently: June

Well, a lot has changed since I last wrote! Starting with the fact that I am now a foster mama to three kiddies! While things have been pretty quiet here on the blog and on social media, there are lots of things stirring in my heart, and when I'm ready, don't worry, because I will share them with you, too.

Here's what's going on currently in our world:

traveling: We aren't doing a lot of travel this summer since we have the three littles, but we do have plans to take a beach trip just the two of us later this summer for my 30th birthday (which was last month) and our 3rd anniversary (which is next month).
grilling: The grill hasn't been fired up yet this summer, but I enjoyed some "grilled" salmon kabobs from Zoe's Kitchen the other day! :)
exploring: All. the. parks. We want to keep the kiddos busy on the weekends and are trying to go to all the parks we can!
planting: Seeds of hope. The goal of foster care is always reunification, so we are planting seeds of hope and working toward supporting the kiddies and their mama in that.
playing: Lots of board games! So many friends sent us lovely things from our registry and we are playing all the things!

What are you up to currently?

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Currently: May

Wow! May has gotten off to a great start! I love May because it is a month of celebrations. My birthday as well as my husband's and my dad's are in May. Plus it is finally spring, and with it consistently warm weather! I just love this month. Here's what's going on currently:

celebrating: I am celebrating the release of my first full length book! It released yesterday on Amazon and I am pretty pumped about it. Yesterday it reached #1 in the new releases for the subcategory "Christian marriage" and that made me wildly happy. :)
creating: I am creating lots of yummy things in the kitchen. Ok, so maybe creating would be a stretch of a word, but I am loving the recipes from this week's plan through Prep Dish.
wearing: With this incredibly warm weather, I am living in dresses and loving the comfort they bring.
sharing: All about my new book! And also the fact that we are finally approved as foster parents!
going: This weekend, I am going to turn 30! Eek! It is actually really exciting to me and I can't wait to enter into this fun new decade.

What are you up to currently?

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Today is the day!

I am so excited because today my first full length book, Already Chosen: Loving Your Life in the Midst of Longing releases!

This is my story of waiting and waiting for what I hoped would fulfill me and the journey to joy. I pray it encourages you in the midst of your wait, no matter what you may be waiting on. This book was a labor of love, and I hope you grab a copy for you and a friend!

You can purchase Already Chosen on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle version.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Already Chosen

The time is here, friends! We are less than one week away from my book's release. Already Chosen: Loving Your Life in the Midst of Longing will release on Tuesday, May 1 on Amazon as a Kindle and paperback book. I cannot wait until it is in your hands! Here's a little video that tells you more about my heart behind the book:

Friday, April 6, 2018

Gold and Bloom Spring Floral Workshop

"I must have flowers, always and always." - Claude Monet

A couple weeks ago, I had the immense pleasure of being a part of the spring floral workshop hosted by my friend Jenna of Gold and Bloom. Jenna is a longtime blogger friend that I finally had the opportunity to meet in real life! She and I are both former teachers, and fun fact, we share the same birthday! It was a joy to meet her in person and to glean from all of her floral expertise. 

This workshop was such a gift to me. I love flowers so much and always have. They are like God's way of smiling and reminding me of the sweet things in this world. I wanted to learn about how to arrange flowers and make them look beautiful in order to place them in our home and also to give as gifts! What a wonderful day it was. If you're in the Atlanta area, or if you are in driving distance, I highly recommend taking part in one of Jenna's workshops. She is the best and you will have so much fun!

First, Jenna showed us how to forage through our everyday surroundings to find fun plants that could form the base of our arrangement. We went through her backyard to find all kinds of treasures!

Then, Jenna showed us how to begin by helping us understand how to form the shape of the arrangement. 

After that, we got to choose flowers for our own arrangements!

I confess I was nervous and had no idea where to begin, but then it all came together!

I'm so grateful for this special day, and now I feel comfortable playing with flowers and making arrangements of my own! 

All images courtesy of the wonderfully talented Abigail of Abigail Malone Photography!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Currently: April

The most beautiful sunrise on Easter Sunday.

It is April, and the showers have come! I am so very glad that winter is behind us and am enjoying this lovely weather that is spring! Anyone else?! Here's what's going on currently:

Showering: It seems like there is a baby or bridal shower on my calendar every few weeks, and I am enjoying celebrating new life and new seasons.
Cultivating: In the next couple weeks I will begin tending to my garden and will be cultivating the soil that I've allowed to lay fallow for the winter. I'm definitely going to take it easy this year and try to grow a few things well instead of kind of sort of grow a bunch of things. :)
Expecting: We are hoping to get approved as foster parents by the end of this month! It has seemed like the longest road and we are ready to be done waiting.
Making: I am making lots of things at home because we are cleaning up our diet. Cooking is a stress reliever for me, so that is fun.
Buying: Lots and lots of books! I've been reading so much lately.

What are you up to currently?

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy 30th Birthday, Teresa!

Today, I am so excited to celebrate the THIRTIETH birthday of my best friend! Technically it is tomorrow, but I'm celebrating early. Technically it's been her birthday week, right?! It's a special day in my book, because Teresa is one of my dearest friends and has been for over ten years. We've seen each other through a lot of seasons and I am so so grateful for her. Here's thirty reasons why she's incredible!

  1. She is beautiful, inside and out. She has a heart of gold. :)
  2. Her work ethic is incredible.
  3. She is super organized and systematic. 
  4. She was my matron of honor. 
  5. We have been friends since our junior year in high school. 
  6. She is an incredibly inquisitive person. 
  7. Her heart is always to help others be the best they can be. 
  8. She's a reader, too, so we always share book recommendations with one another. 
  9. She is just about as loyal as you can get. 
  10. Her faith is her bedrock. 
  11. She challenges herself by listening and learning from others. 
  12. She is one of the best listeners I know. 
  13. She's not afraid to ask hard questions. 
  14. Her commitment to her community and her town is pretty neat.
  15. Cilantro is her enemy and she is not afraid to tell you so. 
  16. But speaking of Mexican food, our love for Mexican food is unrivaled and unmatched.
  17. She loves The Sound of Music which means she's a pretty good person in my book.
  18. I jokingly called her and her husband Barbie and Ken for a while. :)
  19. Her son is THE CUTEST.
  20. She is thoughtful and intentional.
  21. If you're in her life, you're going to know you're loved.
  22. She is never without lipgloss. 
  23. Gilmore Girls is her favorite show of literally all time. 
  24. She's also a loyal Downton Abbey fan.
  25. We went to a Keith Urban concert together (was it twice?!).
  26. She had car troubles on the way to my bridal luncheon and didn't want to tell me because she's just that nice.
  27. We shared an Airbnb together for our trip out to Seattle last year and it was quite lovely. 
  28. We are both older siblings and are pretty stereotypical models of that role. :)
  29. Her smile is gorgeous.
  30. Her nails are always manicured. :) 
Happy birthday, Teresa! I love you!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Currently: March

It's March! Wow I can hardly believe that March is here, but I feel like a broken record because I say that with every month that comes. :) I am looking forward to this month and am so grateful for the lovely weather we've had after so much rain. Spring is coming and I couldn't be more excited about it. Although I've lived in Georgia long enough to know that we aren't out of the woods yet with cold weather! Here's what's going on currently, friends.

Planning: Rory and I are taking a "fostermoon" in a couple weeks and I just cannot wait! We are planning fun things to do on our little getaway.
Seeking: I am seeking out people to fill out my advisory council for the ministry I'm starting. It's a big undertaking but it is super exciting to anticipate all that God will do.
Making: Right now Ror and I are pretty obsessed with avocado toast for breakfast. It just hits the spot!
Pretending: I am pretending that I am in The Greatest Showman! I've seen it twice and I just love it so much. 
Wearing: All the essential oils. With flu season still in full swing I have been oiling it up so that I stay well, and so far, so good!

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