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Hello friends!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm Jessica Mathisen, and I started this blog way back when in 2010 after graduating from the University of Georgia. At that time, I was going on a great adventure! A few months after graduating, I moved to Chihuahua, Mexico to live and work there as a teacher with a missions organization called New Tribes Mission. I lived there for two years, and this blog was kind of like my journal and a place for me to document what I was learning and experiencing.

When I got back to the States in 2012, life in Athens, Georgia was totally different than from when I had resided there as a college student. This blog was still a safe space for me and a place where I rediscovered my love for writing and my desire to encourage others while sharing my story. I loved trying new things and putting all my thoughts on the page, er, screen for those to see. It was a place I used to encourage others, and it became my creative outlet while I was a full-time teacher.

Now my life is totally different than when I began this blog seven years ago. I met and married my best friend (all within nine months), have two dogs, and after six years of teaching elementary school, I worked on staff at our church, Watkinsville First Baptist. 

My husband and I are also foster parents and are passionate about entering into the lives of vulnerable children and watching God work in their lives. We have the most beautiful teen daughter and are convinced she's the greatest and that God is going to do amazing things with her life. After having our miracle boy, Judah in May 2019, I transitioned to working part time at Athens Pregnancy Center as the Development Director. 

I love our life and wouldn't change much about it. I love to read, write, walk, brunch, sing, and cook. This space is where I live my life out loud- the good, the bad, the ugly. I'm committed to making it a space where people feel welcome, loved and encouraged. I do that by seeking joy, one story at a time. You'll find all kinds of topics here: lifestyle, goals, marriage, race, and health. My desire for this blog is to encourage others to look for Jesus and find Him in every aspect of their lives. He's always there.

My Favorite Things

discovering new truths in God's word
hanging out with my husband
traveling to a new city
fresh flowers
a good home cooked meal with people I love

Ten of My Favorite Posts

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