Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Currently: May

May is the most wonderful time of the year in our home, because we have not one or two birthdays in this month, but a whopping five. That's right, every person in our home, in addition to my dad, was born in May! While our celebrations look different from years past, we are still enjoying the sweetness of being together.

Here is what is going on currently around these parts:

Making: I am making dinner most nights, and I have to say that it is fun to get into the kitchen and figure out what to do with what we have. So I've been making my own "recipes," and I am enjoying it.
Missing: It has been hard to not see people in the flesh during this time, so I am missing big hugs and in person hang-outs with friends.
Learning: This has been a huge time of learning for me, as I am sure it has for most of us. I am learning what it means to invite God into the everyday moments and be met by Him in the mundane, the hard, the ordinary, the unprecedented, and the joyful.
Loving: I am loving the time that I have to spend with my family. It is a gift to be at home with my kids when I would normally go to work or my daughter would be at school. I am especially grateful for extra time with them, because they are growing up way too fast.
Reading: This time has been great for reading - I have read a few books and am enjoying making time for reading! Right now I am reading Chasing Vines by Beth Moore.

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