Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Currently: March

The currently posts are usually shared on the first Wednesday of each month, but in my scatterbrained struggle, I just totally forgot last week! There has been a lot going on and it just totally slipped my mind. So here's what is going on currently, because it's always better late than never, right?

Scheming: I am scheming up fun ways to share about my new book, which launches in just a few short weeks! It is called Choosing Contentment, and I am very excited about it.
Reading: It took me a while, but I finally finished Michelle Obama's book Becoming. It was incredible! So well written and insightful. Now I am reading Emily P. Freeman's Simply Tuesday as an exercise in learning how to notice the small things.
Buying: Nursery decor! Rory found the perfect glider through a selling app and went to get it for me last weekend. Now that we have that I am super excited about the rest of the nursery will come together.
Making: Lots of smoothies! A couple months ago Rory bought me a Ninja blender and I am obsessed with it. It is hard to get in all the calories I need in this last trimester without eating a bunch of junk, and smoothies help fill me up in the morning.
Accomplishing: A few things on my to-do list each day. It is easy for me to not feel like I am getting much done if I don't complete my list, but I want to be sure that I recognize that some productivity is better than none at all!

What are you up to currently?


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