Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Currently: August

It's August, and for many people, today is the first day of school! Our kids started last Friday (what the heck, Jefferson City Schools?!) so summer is over! Womp womp. I hope your summer has been amazing, friend. Our summer has been a whirlwind of crazy and we feel as though we have been drinking from a fire hose. Here's hoping for some calm and peace in the fall! Here's what's going on in our neck of the woods currently.

Following: I have been following lots of fun new foodie accounts on Instagram. The past couple months I've changed my diet considerably and am always looking for more inspiration.
Ordering: When our kids get up at night to go to the bathroom, they turn the light on and leave it on. This girl is a light sleeper so you better believe I just ordered a sleep mask and my husband has given me so much grief about it!
Pinning: I always love the idea of a good DIY, so I am pinning lots of fun DIY projects these days.
Watching: These days I just want something easy and light to watch because real life has enough drama of its own. I have been watching Family Matters some nights just to get a little laugh in before bed.
Counting: Rory and I are taking a beach trip next month for my birthday/anniversary/respite and we could not be more excited and ready, so I am counting down the days!

What are you up to these days?

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  1. I think earlier school starts are more common in Southern states. Out on the West Coast, some schools start after Labor Day, but as some public school systems go year-round, they "start" in July! I have about two weeks left, so every day is precious from here on out. :)

  2. Hey, a girl's definitely got to do what a girl's got to do to get a good night of sleep! :) And I hope you have a fabulous beach trip - extra nice to look forward to when school has already started in your area! We don't go back till after Labor Day...

  3. I wonder why schools are starting so early? It's crazy, isn't it?

    I wish they would start later so that we could have a real summer!



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