Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Currently: June

Well, a lot has changed since I last wrote! Starting with the fact that I am now a foster mama to three kiddies! While things have been pretty quiet here on the blog and on social media, there are lots of things stirring in my heart, and when I'm ready, don't worry, because I will share them with you, too.

Here's what's going on currently in our world:

traveling: We aren't doing a lot of travel this summer since we have the three littles, but we do have plans to take a beach trip just the two of us later this summer for my 30th birthday (which was last month) and our 3rd anniversary (which is next month).
grilling: The grill hasn't been fired up yet this summer, but I enjoyed some "grilled" salmon kabobs from Zoe's Kitchen the other day! :)
exploring: All. the. parks. We want to keep the kiddos busy on the weekends and are trying to go to all the parks we can!
planting: Seeds of hope. The goal of foster care is always reunification, so we are planting seeds of hope and working toward supporting the kiddies and their mama in that.
playing: Lots of board games! So many friends sent us lovely things from our registry and we are playing all the things!

What are you up to currently?

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  1. parks are so much fun! we've been exploring parks a lot lately too!! and I love your heart for reunification!!

  2. Parks + kids is always a good combo - hope you have fun with your trio this summer, and that all goes smoothly for all of you in the various transitions. And yay 30th birthday + anniversary trip - enjoy!

  3. Yay for being a foster mama!!! You go girl!! I'm so excited for you on that journey. I just had kabobs from Zoe's Kitchen and THEY ARE SO GOOD. My new favorite place!!



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