Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy 30th Birthday, Teresa!

Today, I am so excited to celebrate the THIRTIETH birthday of my best friend! Technically it is tomorrow, but I'm celebrating early. Technically it's been her birthday week, right?! It's a special day in my book, because Teresa is one of my dearest friends and has been for over ten years. We've seen each other through a lot of seasons and I am so so grateful for her. Here's thirty reasons why she's incredible!

  1. She is beautiful, inside and out. She has a heart of gold. :)
  2. Her work ethic is incredible.
  3. She is super organized and systematic. 
  4. She was my matron of honor. 
  5. We have been friends since our junior year in high school. 
  6. She is an incredibly inquisitive person. 
  7. Her heart is always to help others be the best they can be. 
  8. She's a reader, too, so we always share book recommendations with one another. 
  9. She is just about as loyal as you can get. 
  10. Her faith is her bedrock. 
  11. She challenges herself by listening and learning from others. 
  12. She is one of the best listeners I know. 
  13. She's not afraid to ask hard questions. 
  14. Her commitment to her community and her town is pretty neat.
  15. Cilantro is her enemy and she is not afraid to tell you so. 
  16. But speaking of Mexican food, our love for Mexican food is unrivaled and unmatched.
  17. She loves The Sound of Music which means she's a pretty good person in my book.
  18. I jokingly called her and her husband Barbie and Ken for a while. :)
  19. Her son is THE CUTEST.
  20. She is thoughtful and intentional.
  21. If you're in her life, you're going to know you're loved.
  22. She is never without lipgloss. 
  23. Gilmore Girls is her favorite show of literally all time. 
  24. She's also a loyal Downton Abbey fan.
  25. We went to a Keith Urban concert together (was it twice?!).
  26. She had car troubles on the way to my bridal luncheon and didn't want to tell me because she's just that nice.
  27. We shared an Airbnb together for our trip out to Seattle last year and it was quite lovely. 
  28. We are both older siblings and are pretty stereotypical models of that role. :)
  29. Her smile is gorgeous.
  30. Her nails are always manicured. :) 
Happy birthday, Teresa! I love you!!!

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