Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Currently: February

Well my friends, it is February, the shortest month of the year, but maybe the sweetest if you are a fan of Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day used to be a difficult holiday for me, but when I lived in Mexico, it was a day to celebrate all of your loved ones, not just romantic love. That mental shift changed so much for me; I loved celebrating friends as well as family members. And of course now that I have Rory, Valentine's Day has taken on a new kind of sweet. This month there are lots of fun things on our calendar, and it makes me want to celebrate sweetness all month long. Here's what is going on currently:

finishing: This month I am determined to finish the final draft of my second book, and I am really excited to put together a plan for the launch of this special project!
subscribing: Thanks to my husband, I am now an avid podcast listener. I recently subscribed to Making Obama, which starts tomorrow, and I am super excited to listen. The show is produced by the same team who created Making Oprah, which I binge listened to in a matter of days.
wishlisting: In a short matter of time, our house will be open to kids in foster care, so I am wishlisting all kinds of things to make the kids room cute and comfy and welcoming.
watching: Last month during my recovery, Rory and I binge watched Fuller House on Netflix. This past weekend we started watching Planet Earth II, and I loved it!
hearting: All things cozy. I love a good sweater, blanket, and slippers, even though it has been in the upper 60s the last couple days!

Linking up with Anne today!


  1. That's lovely you'll be taking in foster kids soon!! I need to get back into podcast listening. When the weather was nice, I could listen and take a walk.


    1. I love podcasts and feel like I don't have time to listen to all that I want to!

  2. I've always loved Valentine's Day as a way to celebrate all of your loved ones - my mom used to get us sweet little gifts, and I like to make some sort of cute DIY to give to all my lady friends. Mostly it's nice to have something to enjoy in the middle of a long winter :)

    And I'm so excited you mentioned that podcast as I had no idea about it. I loved Making Oprah, and I bet I will love this new one even more!

    1. That is such a fun idea for spreading VDay cheer!

      I was behind the times on Making Oprah, so with this one I will have to wait each week instead of binge listening!

  3. That's great that you have opened your home to foster care!



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