Friday, January 5, 2018

Currently: January

My husband made this delicious breakfast on Christmas morning. Isn't he amazing?!

I am so ready for a fresh start. Anybody else? Here's what's going on currently around these parts:

starting: I am starting to take my health more seriously by taking baby steps to wellness. In October I joined a gym and have loved the group fitness classes. It has been so fun and I want to keep going!
hoping: This year I am hoping for lots of rest- mentally and emotionally. Even when things are busy I want to have an attitude of rest in the Lord.
scheduling: I'm not scheduling much right now, as much as trying to take it easy!
reading: Christy by Catherine Marshall is an all-time favorite of mine, so I am re-reading it and loving it.
playing: I have been playing Christy Nockel's new album and have been so encouraged by her beautiful voice and the truth-filled lyrics.

What are you up to in this New Year?

Linking up with Anne today!


  1. An attitude of rest isn't easy for me, but I've been forced into it in the New Year by having a bad cold this week... maybe I should try to maintain that attitude now :) And oooh that looks like an amazing Christmas spread. Thanks for joining in again!

  2. I love a fresh start in the New Year as well! I love love love group fitness classes - they are basically the only way I have accountability to A) Go to the gym regularly and B) Not slack off while I'm there! So glad you are finding some at your gym that you like!



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