Tuesday, October 31, 2017

#write31days: Laying It All Down

Ok friends. For thirty-ish days we have been learning about how to rest in contentment. We've talked about how to identify lies we believe about contentment, how to celebrate and encourage others, how to be grateful, and how to rid ourselves of comparison. Some of these things are just not fun. It's hard to face the icky and dark parts of our hearts and to allow God to use His ways to change and mold us. 

Here's what I've learned in this last month (because I have not been sharing these things with you as an expert). The cure for all of our struggles is always Jesus. It's the Sunday school answer, but it's the truth. When we rid ourselves of our selfishness and pride, we find that we have nothing that is of value outside of Jesus. The cure for the longings of our souls is always, always, always more Jesus. 

When we believe we are loved by the Creator of the universe, everything else that seems so important suddenly fades. When we find ourselves consumed with Him, we cannot simultaneously sit in ingratitude and comparison. It just isn't possible. Let's be a people who are consumed by Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. What could be better than Him?

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