Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Goals

Wow. It's the first day of August. I am tempted to be sad because summer has flown by so quickly, but I am honestly really excited about the fall and the new beginnings of this upcoming season. Last month I literally didn't touch my Powersheets. I just couldn't really think about all that I wanted to do and honestly wanted a little bit of a break from productivity to just be. I still got things done, but I just didn't check things off. This month, I'm starting fresh, and I'm excited about the goals the Lord has laid on my heart.

Here's what I was working on in June (and consequently, July)

June Goals


continue expanding and revising Already Chosen 
read three books 
-Healing Fibroids
-The Turquoise Table
paint/project day at the house!


work out 3x a week
call a friend
write someone a note
work on my book manuscript


pray through my prayer cards
read the word
encourage Ror
encourage someone else
preach to my own heart

The Nitty Gritty

July was a fun month. I took a step back from my book manuscript and honestly just continued to pray that the Lord would give me the words and vision for the book. It was good for my soul, and I'm ready now with fresh perspective and new insights. I was able to finish reading two out of the three books, which was good. We also were able to get our projects done at the house, and I am so very pleased with how it all turned out! It feels like a new house, and it is feeling more and more like ours each day. 

What I Was Grateful for in July

July 11 was our second wedding anniversary, which was oh so fun. The week prior, we got to spend time at the beach with Rory's college friends and their wives and kids. It was fun to be with friends not only because it was the beach, but also because we were eager to get away! Getting away with them is always something that we look forward to. In July, I also hosted two in-person oils events, and both were so fun! I really enjoy getting to share my love of oils and holistic care with others, and I count it a privilege to help others on their wellness journeys. Since we are in the spirit of home improvement, I also decluttered a bunch through our home. We've (and really just me, haha) still got lots of things to sort through, but I'm taking baby steps to tidiness! This summer I have also been a part of a new Bible study group, and I am extremely grateful to have a community of women around me who love Jesus and love the Word. 

August Goals


four online classes 
two in-person oils events or one-on-ones
finish part three of my book
have our new neighbors over for dinner


work out 5x a week
meal prep
complete Bible study homework
write someone a note


read the Word
encourage Ror
encourage someone else
be timely

What are you working on right now, friends?

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