Monday, March 20, 2017

Everything You Wanted to Know

Ok friends, last week I asked you to come at me with your questions. I've been at this blogging thing for almost seven years now. Some of you have been with me for the whole ride, while others of you are new friends. I'm so grateful for your loyalty and encouraging words. Without further adieu, here's what you wanted to know: 

What got you interested in blogging?

I first began this blog as a little space where I could process my post-grad life and share what was going on in my new home of Chihuahua, Mexico. I graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2010 and started this blog shortly thereafter. It was a place for me to share about what I was learning, enjoying, and struggling with as I made the transition to life after college and as a missionary teacher at Colegio Binimea with New Tribes Mission.

What are a few big changes you've learned from then to now (in writing and blogging)? Do you blog less or more?

While I no longer live outside of the United States, I kept coming back to this blog because I love to write. When I was younger, I devoured books (well, I still do) and wanted to be a writer one day. This is my place to write, process, and encourage other women by helping them know that no matter what, they aren't alone in their struggles. In the beginning, I blogged a lot more; now I think I'm trying to go with quality over quantity. :)

What do you enjoy the most about a vocation in ministry and what do you wish you could see done differently? 

I absolutely love my job at Watkinsville First Baptist. The position I hold is technically called "Executive Administrative Assistant," and it is a mixed bag of administrative responsibilities and ministry opportunities. What I love is the privilege I have of serving a church I love so dearly and getting to be behind the scenes. My favorite part of my job is working with the interns we have that serve in various capacities. This role is something that wasn't "on paper" with my job description, but it is so fun. I get to disciple college girls and hang out with them, and I get paid to do it when I'd do it for free! That's pretty sweet. 

I think it would be wonderful if we came together with other churches in the area more often, because there is strength in numbers and beauty in learning from our neighbor. There are a lot of amazing churches in our area and in surrounding counties, and it would be a beautiful thing for us to unite under the name of Jesus Christ.

What are some of your favorite questions to use when discipling a young woman?

This is such a good question! I usually ask:

What is your relationship with God like right now?
What are you reading?
What are you learning?
How can I pray for you?
What are you struggling with?

Just having someone ask those questions is so encouraging because you know that there is someone in your life who cares about your well-being and wants you to thrive.

Do you have a favorite hymn and if so, which one? 

I think it is a tie between "Great is Thy Faithfulness" and "How Great Thou Art." I love reflecting on how amazing God's faithfulness is and how His ways are higher than mine. It is also incredible to think about how He created this whole world and yet He thinks of us and loves and uses us, His creation to bring glory to Him.

Which family member has had the greatest impact on your testimony?

I think that my mom has had the greatest impact on my testimony, because she is the one who led me to Christ in the first place. She has a deep abiding joy, and it is through her that I have learned what it means to be a woman of God.

What do you wish you could tell your 5-years-ago-self? 

Oh man. So. many. things. Good golly. Don't give your heart away so easily because you're desperate for attention. It's ok to say no sometimes. You don't have to be all things to all people. Be quiet and learn to listen. Know yourself and what you're comfortable with. Learn some dang boundaries. Chill the mess out. Enjoy your season. :)

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