Monday, February 13, 2017

What Love Is

When I dreamed about being married as a little girl, I often envisioned flowers, romantic dinners, and a perfect little home. We're only a year (and a half) into this, and already my perspective on what love is has changed so much.

The love we had for each other in the beginning was so bright-eyed and fun, and now I feel that our love is so much deeper. I can't wait for how I will feel when we are twenty years in with kids and so much more history between us and a family that we call our own. This little space was a place where I was able to process, and y'all were so gracious to me as we found our way. I still stand by my thoughts that I wrote just a few months into our first year- marriage isn't hard. Life is hard. But marriage is good. And life is good.

Love is when you take out the trash when you really would rather sit on the couch.
Love is being a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold onto.
Love is when Ror makes dinner because I'm an emotional mess and just can't even.
Love is watching a movie you'd rather sleep through- and staying awake. (Right, babe? ;))
Love is driving during a road trip when you're tired, too.
Love is being excited when your best friend comes home from work.
Love is loading and unloading the dishwasher.
Love is making brownies just because.
Love is a card on your dashboard to wish you a good day.
Love is choosing to let it go instead of fighting to have the last word and be heard.
Love is getting dressed up for a date night and getting the appetizers and drinks, too.
Love is silly nick names that are super lame and mushy because they're just more fun that way.
Love is early morning cuddle sessions.
Love is late night prayers after a bad dream.
Love is tolerating hangry diatribes.
Love is breakfast in bed.
Love is Netflix and chill (in a fort, of course) for date night.
Love is a look across the room that needs no words.
Love is laughing until you cry and can't breathe because your stomach hurts so bad.
Love is way too much fun.
Love is being known in all the best and worst ways.
Love is hard.
Love is good.
Love is worth it.

*edited and reposted from the archives
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