Monday, February 20, 2017

My First Podcast Interview!

Friends, I am so excited to share this bit of news with you today. A few weeks back, someone I didn't know tagged me on Instagram to show that she was reading my devotional. She had found it on Instagram and was enjoying it, so she decided to take a picture of the page she was on that day. Laura Gesin, of Knit Read Pray has a blog and podcast that focus on bringing women together who love to do just that: knit, read, and pray. She's a teacher and a lover of books, so when we connected on Instagram, I knew we would get along.

She graciously reviewed my devotional on her podcast a few weeks ago, and she then asked if I would be willing to come on her show for an interview. Of course I said yes, and friends, it was so much fun. We chatted on the phone and just had a great time getting to know one another. You can listen to it today by searching for Knit, Read, Pray on your podcast app on any phone or tablet. I'm so grateful for the connection we made and glad for the opportunity. It was strange to listen to myself on the interview, but we had a blast. If you just want to tune in for my interview, be sure to skip to 30:54 and fast forward through the knitting information which may or may not pertain to you. :)

You can also listen at this link: Knit Read Pray podcast season 2, episode 2: Girl Power!

Happy Monday, friends, and happy listening!

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