Monday, February 6, 2017

Biffles Take Seattle

You know what's pretty amazing? Having friends that are lifelong friends. They don't come along any old day, and they must be cherished when you find them. I've had both of my best friends, Cortney Norris and Teresa Robison on the blog before, but I don't know if I've told you how we all met. Cortney, Teresa and I have been friends since we were all about fifteen/sixteen. We met in the youth group at Piedmont Church and just hit it off. I wouldn't say we were best friends when we were teenagers, but we always came back to one another. In college we all kind of did our own thing, but we would see each other on breaks. Then in 2013, Teresa got married. All of the wedding festivities definitely brought us all back together, and we began texting all the time and seeing each other more often. There's been mountains and valleys, just like in any relationship, but y'all, these are my ride or dies. I love these ladies. They are THE BEST.

When Cortney moved out to Seattle in August to begin an internship at Overtake Christian Church and to learn more about anti-trafficking ministry, Teresa and I knew we had to go out there! Cortney turned 30 back in January, and we knew we had to go out there to 1) celebrate and 2) see Seattle. It was pretty much a no-brainer. We had planned on going on her actual birthday weekend, but ticket prices were about $100 more than if we waited until the end of the month. So last weekend, we were able to reunite, tour Seattle, and laugh way too much. I got to check off an item for my thirty before thirty bucket list, too! :) I love these ladies. Here's a little recap of our trip!


Beautiful mountains of Montana. We couldn't stop staring. 


Dee-lish-us fried chicken biscuit at The Wandering Goose

Sights, sounds, and smells abound at the Pike Place Market

The Seattle ferris wheel and the "beautiful" (?) gum wall :)

Gas Works Park


Lovely chai tea latte and scone at Five Stones Coffee 

Amazing turkey burger and fries at The Tipsy Cow 

Beautiful views from the Seattle Space Needle


View from our Seattle ferry ride to Bainbridge Island

Saying goodbye to our Airbnb on Puget Sound and hanging out in Bainbridge Island

Amazing fish and chips...pinch me


Our AirBnB was amazingly beautiful. We were tucked away on the side of a mountain and woke up to amazing views of the Puget Sound and the mountains across the water every morning. It was like a  dream! 

Everything we experienced in Seattle was oh so lovely. Have you ever been to Seattle? What did you do there and what did you love? I can't wait to take Rory there, and I am so grateful for my best friends. :) 


  1. You guys got a GREAT week of weather for the PNW this time of year! We just came north to visit family who live just south of Seattle and I was so happy with the clear, blue skies all week. Imagine my surprise when it dumped SIX INCHES OF SNOW yesterday and last night! The kids were so excited to play in it but I'm hoping for more sunny (but cold) skies before we head back home.

    1. My friend Cortney sent us a picture of the snow and it looks so so beautiful! I'm sad I missed it!

  2. What a fun trip! Such beauty, great food and beautiful friend!



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