Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Seasonal Decor on the Cheap

Last year, I cried when we took our Christmas tree down. The struggle was real. But this year, I was prepared. I knew our home just need a little something to keep the spirits high. So I decided to decorate for Valentine's Day! I used some things that I already had around the house but hadn't put up on the walls, and the Target bargain section was just the place for a couple sweet touches! :)

{Print from Southern Weddings}

{Picture from a wedding shower= free! Flowers from Amazon, vase from Real Deals}

Do you decorate your house seasonally? How do you do it for cheap?


  1. Love this! We have the exact same print "God Gave Me You" hanging in our bedroom! WE got it at our wedding shower, also!

    I love your ideas! I have a chalkboard sign I made that I decorate with seasonal quotes and drawings :).

    1. Oh I love that you have the same one!

      We have a chalkboard and I want to use it to write seasonal quotes and such, but I've got to work on my lettering!



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