Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy 30th Birthday, Cortney!

Today is a very special day. Not only is it Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but it is also my sweet best friend's thirtieth birthday!!! I am so so excited to celebrate her and see her in two short weeks. Today this little space is dedicated to her as I tell thirty things that I love about her and share some of my favorite memories we've made together.

1. Cortney is passionate. She doesn't do things half-heartedly.
2. She is beautiful inside and out!
3. Her joy radiates from Jesus.
4. Her smile lights up her face.
5. She has a hilarious laugh.
6. She is goofy. :)
7. She doesn't take life or herself too seriously.
8. She loves kids.
9. Cort is an incredible songwriter.
10. Her dreams are big.
11. Her heart is pure and kind.
12. She's a giver.
13. We got to lead worship together for a couple years and it was oh so fun.
14. Speaking of leading worship, she did all the music at our wedding and it was amazing.
15. Cort is humble and doesn't demand the spotlight.
16. She. loves. Jesus.
17. She's not afraid of real talk.
18. She's not really afraid of much, actually.
19. She will do anything for those she loves.
20. She is a BOMB soccer player.
21. She takes care of herself.
22. She takes care of others.
23. Nothing is too small or menial for her- she has a servant's heart.
24. She's honest.
25. She asks the hard questions.
26. She gives specific encouragement at just the right moment.
27. She is loyal.
28. She is funny.
29. Cort has a tender heart.
30. She can talk to anyone about anything.

I love you Cort! I'm so blessed to have you as my friend and know that everyone who knows you is grateful to have you in their life. Have the BEST day today!

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