Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What Happened When I Stopped Shopping

So I gave up shopping for three months. You can read more about that here, but y'all. I am so glad I did this. It was an incredible learning experience for me to see just how materialistic I can be even though I claim to hate materialism. It was definitely a challenge, friends. With the holidays approaching during my shopping fast, I really wanted to stock up on holiday things. I will say that I bought a few Christmas decorations at the end of my time, but other than that, I didn't buy any clothes and limited the times that I "treated" myself.

In November, I challenged myself to play with the clothes that I already own by completing a style a challenge. During my #newstyleNovember challenge, I wore a different outfit for each day of November with the clothes I already own. I mixed and matched what I owned, creating a capsule wardrobe of sorts. This challenge has only further inspired me to continue to purge my closet. There are some items that I am so tempted to hold on to for sentimental reasons, but I really just need to let them go and declutter.

This challenge is one that I would recommend to anyone who's looking to simplify. After this challenge ended, Rory and I went shopping for a few "essential" clothing items, but I haven't gone crazy. I bought a couple shirts and a scarf, but they are replacing some things I already have that I just don't love. There is a yearning deep within me to simplify, and I am just tired of mountains of laundry! Anyone else?

The root of greed and materialism lies in a heart of discontentment- a heart that feels like having more things will somehow elevate one's status or make other things in their life that aren't good enough "better." What a pile of lies. When I go shopping or get myself a treat to eat/drink to make myself "feel better," all I am doing is masking the real problem. I'm hiding behind something tangible when there could be something I just need to bring to Jesus. I hope that the Lord continues to strip me of my desire to self-soothe with an easy fix and helps me come to Him with everything and allow Him to be my healer.

There are people around the world who have one outfit to choose from. They have one plate or one blanket or none. And while I can't call myself a millionaire, I know that I am rich. I have been given much, and to whom much is given, much is required. I want to be a generous person, and I want to enjoy what I have. I don't want to be stingy or let what I own own me. In an age of acquisition and so many possessions, I want to truly believe that less is more. Is anyone else with me?

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