Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Beauty of Christmas

Let's be honest with each other, because we can do that, can't we? Sometimes Christmas is hard. There, I said it. I'm not saying this in a Scrooge-y way, and I'm not saying it because I am "over Christmas" or done with the holidays. I'm saying it because it's the truth. It seems that at Christmas time, the expectations are higher, the desires stronger, and the pain deeper.

Why is that? Why do we talk of sugar plum fairies and blankets of snow but find ourselves in tears when we least expect it? For some of us, we may be mourning the loss of a dearly loved one. Others may mourn the death of a dream or delayed plans. And still others may be grieving the end of a season while entering into an unanticipated one.

Can I share something with you? Sometimes I get caught up in all the wrong stuff this time of year. I obsess over the house decorations and the right recipes and the cutest outfit for all the parties. And you know what? I'm missing the mark when I do this. Because you and I both know that this season is about something so much greater than mistletoe and holly.

This season is about our Savior, who came wrapped in swaddling cloths to completely turn our world upside down. It's about peace on earth and peace within my heart even when the world around me is falling apart or I'm just plain tired. This season? It's about family. Friends. And most importantly, it's about the advent of our coming King.

There are five days until Christmas, and there's still plenty of time for us to not miss Him. There's still time to find the wonder and awe of the beauty of Christmas. Because while I love the twinkly lights and hot cocoa as much as anyone, the most beautiful part of this season is the Savior's love that came down for you and me.

What's encouraged my heart this season:

She Reads Truth Advent reading plan
Carlos Sibley's message at church this Sunday: "Christmas Can Be a Pain"
Christy Nockel's Christmas album (Seriously so good, y'all. It's been on repeat.)

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