Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Currently: December

It's finally here, friends. The most wonderful time of the year is finally here. I love that we gather our people during this time. We eat, laugh, and get to spend time just being. There is something so sweet about that. Here's what's going on currently:

Doing: A lot of reading. I have been reading before bed each night and am so enjoying that practice- it calms my mind!
Enjoying: I am greatly enjoying any time that I get with our interns, specifically the intern girls. They are such a joy and bright spot in my life.
Cooking: So. many. things. I tried my hand at bacon wrapped jalapeƱo poppers the other night, and they were super spicy but delicious. I've also been making lots of yummy soups, stews, and chilis.
Wrapping: I confess I haven't started wrapping my gifts yet, but I will be soon! I love gift giving. :)
Playing: Christmas music ALL THE TIME. All. the. time.

Linking up with Anne and Kellie today! 


  1. Oh that picture is just so cozy! I love all the gathering this time of year too - usually I'm an introverted homebody, except for December. Then all of a sudden I'm hosting gatherings and itching to go to all the parties and events. Speaking of which, these bacon jalapeno poppers sound like they would be perfect for a party!

  2. December is definitely a good time to get out and about! There are so many fun things happening and I love being with all my friends and family! :)



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