Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Currently: November

It is November!!!  Yay yay yay yay yay! I love the last three months of the year- the "Ber" months as I like to call them. There is just so much gathering together and eating of good food and making of memories. I'm a fan, friends. I'm a really big fan. Here's what's going on currently:

Discovering: the many uses of my Thieves household cleaner from Young Living. Y'all. This stuff is amazing! When I clean the house now, I literally only need one cleaner, and the house smells like Christmas instead of Clorox. I call that a major win. 

Celebrating: the fact that I released a book! It still seems weird to see my name on Amazon. I've had a really good time discussing with the ladies who are participating in the Proverbs 31 Book Club on Facebook. It has been fun getting to know everyone!
Starting: to make my Christmas shopping list! It is NEXT MONTH people. This is not a drill. 
Wearing: clothes that have been favorites for a while! I wrote last week about my challenge to "shop my closet" by wearing a different outfit each day in an effort to continue my Contentment Challenge. I've made a Pinterest board and everything, so obviously this is very official, folks. 
Googling: new hairstyles. I chopped off my hair in the beginning of the summer, and while I have no regrets about doing so, it just seems unruly, and I want a new style. I'm open to suggestions, friends!

What are you doing currently?

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  1. I'm a -Ber girl myself!!

    Discovering: Half Marathon Training & Orange Theory Fitness...oy vay!

    Celebrating: 3 months of being my own boss! wow...just realized it was 3 months today!

    Starting: Christmas shopping! I ordered 3 gifts last night. Was challenged by Jenn Sprinkle of The Well Studio to get it all done before Thanksgiving!

    Wearing: I really just want to bundle up in boots and jackets and scarves, but it is way too hot for that. So I'm in to cute tanks, skinny jeans, ankle boots, and scarves lol!

    Googling: Puppies. I really want one for Christmas!

    1. Allie I love ALL of these things! And I am so happy for you as your own boss. That's incredible and I am super proud of you! I totally get the "wearing" with wanting to bundle up...I was just talking about that with some friends and we think we are going to just go straight to winter!

  2. A book - how exciting! Good for you. And I always forget about my essential oils tucked away in the cupboard... good reminder that I should get Thieves back out as we get into cold season. I do love that smell, and if it helps with warding off the sniffles, even better :)

    1. Thanks, Anne! And girl, pull those oils out! They are the best. :)

  3. i actually recently found a small bottle of Thieves cleaner and have been wanting to start using it! i love the way it smells!

    and omg. christmas is next month! what the heck! i'm not ready for this! nor is my bank account, lol.

    1. You will love the Thieves cleaner! For reals!

      And I am definitely not prepared for heart is but I haven't started shopping. EEK!



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