Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Style November

So y'all, I never really thought that I could be a fashion blogger. I mean, I love clothes, and I have always enjoyed following trends even if I never pulled them off in my own wardrobe. In the contentment challenge, I stated that I would not shop for three months. That means I wouldn't buy any new clothes for three months. As someone who LOVES fall and the beauty of layering clothes, I was kind of saddened by this fact, but I knew that I needed to challenge myself and use self-control.

Now that it is late October, I am almost two-thirds done with my challenge! It's actually gone by pretty quickly, and I have been so challenged to think differently about my purchases and where I put my money. It's not really my money anyways. So back to fashion. Y'all. I love a cozy sweater and boots with a cup of tea in hand. #basic, I know. Whatever. I've enjoyed following other fashion bloggers, but sometimes am discouraged because their budgets seem to be a little ahem, bigger than mine. Most of my clothes from Gap. Not even the real one though, the factory outlet. I also love a good Target tee and am quite excited by a good TJMaxx find. All that to say that I don't have many designer threads, folks.

This month, I am challenging myself to wear a "new" outfit every day of the month. That's thirty days of no outfit repeating, folks. I looked in my closet, and y'all...I have PLENTY OF CLOTHES. This was the line-up:

28 pairs shoes
30 dresses
61 shirts
7 pairs of pants
4 pairs of jeans
10 skirts
15 sweaters

That doesn't even include jackets, vests, scarves, purses, pajamas, workout clothing, etc. Good grief. And sometimes I think to myself, "I have nothing to wear." Geeze Louise.

If you've got Instagram, be sure to follow me @jessicanmathisen, where I will post my outfits daily. Then, here on the blog, I'll do a "Fashion Friday" with a recap of all the outfits for the previous week! If you want to take the challenge and see what you can do with your wardrobe, I would love to have you join me with the hashtag #newstyleNovember. Can't wait to have fun with what we've got, friends! :)

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