Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#weread2016: Undaunted Review

I remember so clearly the first time I heard Christine Caine speak. It was at my first Passion conference back in 2011. I was captivated by her strong commitment to the Gospel and the authority of God's word. Christine has an incredible story. She was adopted, but did not know it until she reached adulthood. Not to mention that she also has a difficult story that involves years of abuse and was unwanted by her biological parents, not even named as an infant, but rather given a number as just part of system. I remember being dumbfounded by her story and the source of her pain, but so encouraged by the passion and zeal with which she preached the Word. I watched on stage, and thought, "I want to be like that."

As a woman completely on fire for the Lord, Christine has taken the pain of her past and allowed God to completely remake and renew her for His glory. She and her husband, Nick began the A21 Campaign, a multi-national organization dedicated to ending slavery in our lifetime. Her story is incredible, but it only points to a God who is more than deserving of all the glory.

Undaunted: Daring to do what God calls you to do is Christine's powerful story of how the Lord brought her to a place of complete and total surrender, willing to serve Him in whatever capacity He saw fit to put her. She vulnerably shares her story, inviting you into the very real parts of her heart and allowing you to see how God has turned her greatest pain into her greatest ministry. While reading, I was astounded at how the Lord has done so much and has transformed her life as as result of her dauntless trust in Him.

She writes, "Because I was willing- not necessarily able, but willing- to take one step and then another, and another, God has brought me to the most interesting places. He too what I thought was broke and unworthy- my heart- and made it into something beautiful by giving it to others who are flattened by life and circumstance. This is God's nature. The very thing that the enemy uses to try to destroy your life is the very thing God uses to help others. God can heal every hurt and can turn your scars into signs of strength for his glory."

I've often heard it said that your greatest pain can be your greatest ministry. And to be completely honest, I've always resented that saying. But you know what? God is greater than our deepest pain. He is good within our heartache. And I've found that when we do our part by being vulnerable with others, He can do so much more than when we choose to keep our walls built high.

Undaunted is a book I would recommend to anyone who may feel stuck or scared about the next step God has for you. Christine's brave and honest writing enable you to take a good look at your heart and your life and invite God into changing your steps and guiding them, in spite of your fears.

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