Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Currently: July

Well my friends, it's that time again! July is here and with it 100+ temps, so I've definitely been enjoying the air conditioning. How about y'all? Is it hot where you are? I can't believe the highs we've seen lately and am greatly enjoying being inside or at least taking walks in the early morning when it is somewhat pleasant! Here is what's been going on around these parts.

Toasting : I haven't been toasting much at all since the heat is so intense; ha. :)
Going: This weekend we are going to Chattanooga to celebrate our anniversary and I am so excited! It will be fun to get away just the two of us and explore a city that we love.
Smelling: Last weekend we were at the beach and stopped in at a local farmer's market before we dropped off some friends at the airport. We picked up an essential oil scented candle titled "Happy Hippie," and it smells so good.
Wearing:  I basically wear my denim shorts and a tee any time we go somewhere that is outside of work hours these days.
Wishlisting : We are still loving our new house and are so grateful for this place to call home. I've been pinning away all kinds of cute home storage ideas, paint colors, and accessories to make it our own, so the wishlist is definitely growing!

What are you up to currently?

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