Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Prayer for Orlando



We do not understand the chaos that seems to come from nowhere.

We do not understand senseless acts of hate.

We do not understand motives that lie in the heart and remain unchecked.

We do not understand.

We are tired. Tired of crying, tired of hate, tired of confusion and fear.

We are weary. Weary of wondering, questioning and longing.

Lord, comfort the mama who can no longer wrap her arms around her child.

Lord, comfort the daddy who can no longer pick up the phone and call his child.

Lord, comfort the friends who can no longer make memories and share inside jokes.

Lord, comfort the partners who can no longer walk through life with their best friend.

Lord, bring your healing and your peace, your restoration, and your grace.

We need it now more than other.

Lord, be with the people of Orlando.

We trust You.

We love You.


*Through June 24, all proceeds from a purchase of the above print will directly benefit the victims and families of the June 12 tragedy in Orlando.

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