Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy 30th Birthday, Rory!

I am so very excited to celebrate my husband today. He is the best and most respected man I know. He's full of grace and good jokes. Today, he is thirty years old. I am honored to walk through this life with a man like Rory Mathisen. Here's thirty things I love about him!

  1. He loves Jesus.
  2. He loves me. Really well.
  3. He is selfless.
  4. He is kind. 
  5. His jokes are funny. Most of the time. 
  6. Sometimes he makes dinner for me when I'm too tired. 
  7. In that same vein, he will eat frozen pizza when we are both too tired, and he loves it. 
  8. He loves his family. 
  9. He cares about others. 
  10. He gives generously. 
  11. His heart is one of gratitude. Always. 
  12. He takes the Word of God seriously. 
  13. His demeanor is peaceful and steady. 
  14. He has an awesome work ethic. 
  15. He never tries to be like anyone else; he has a quiet confidence. 
  16. His risotto is delicious. 
  17. He came with a really, really cute puppy. (All the praise hands.)
  18. He takes care of me. 
  19. He doesn't really have any enemies. 
  20. He watches Gilmore Girls marathons with me. 
  21. He's got some pretty amazing blue eyes. 
  22. He loves kids. 
  23. He is contented. 
  24. He has a servant's heart. 
  25. He gives grace upon grace upon grace. 
  26. His heart is humble. 
  27. He believes in me. 
  28. He challenges me. 
  29. He's super thoughtful.
  30. He makes me feel special every day. 
So incredibly blessed by you, Rory Mathisen. Here's to the next thirty years by your side. 

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