Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Ten: Athens Date Spots

It is no secret that I absolutely love this beautiful Classic City of mine. After living here for four years as an undergraduate student at the University of Georgia, this city worked it's way into my heart and hasn't left since. There are so many lovely spots in this town, and while I have lived here for almost ten years cumulatively, there are many more haunts that I want to discover. Today's compilation is a mix of dates that Rory and I have actually been on and things we would like to try in the future.

{Full on deliciousness at The World Famous}

1. Ted's Most Best

Ok, so obviously I had to include this restaurant, because it's where Rory and I had our first date! But seriously, the pizza is delicious, and it's got a sweet atmosphere that's great for just getting to know someone or hanging with your long time love. :)

2. Memorial Park and Bear Hollow Zoo

When the weather is nice (and even when it isn't), taking a walk around the lake and visiting the free zoo to say hi to the bears can be so fun.

3. Georgia Theatre Rooftop

Not only is the Georgia Theatre an amazing venue for concerts, the rooftop offers an incredible view of the city, and the food is scrumptious.

4. The World Famous

Amazing cocktails. Delightfully creative food. Fun atmosphere. Sweet little space.

5. North Campus of UGA

Taking a walk around North Campus, especially during the fall, can be so sweet.

{Walking at Memorial Park}
6. Paddle Boarding at Sandy Creek

Not for the faint of heart, but rather for those wanting an adventure with their significant other.

7. Creature Comforts Brewery

Head over here after Ted's Most Best, and whatever you do, make sure you have an Athena.

8. State Botanical Gardens and Intramural Fields Trails

These are both properties owned by the University, and they are beautiful any time of the year. If you're wanting to burn some calories and also enjoy some of nature, these spots are where you need to be.

9. The Rook and Pawn Board Game Cafe

If you like games, this is your place. With hundreds of board games to choose from and a menu to keep you satisfied as you play, this little spot has much to offer to those looking for something a little different.

10. The Foundry

This is easily one of the best concert venues in Athens, and it is a great place to enjoy yummy food, good drinks, and wonderful tunes.

Athens friends, where are your favorite date spots? What did I miss?

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