Friday, February 12, 2016

Five on Friday: How to Encourage Your Husband

It seems as though the past couple weeks have gotten away from me, and I looked around and it's Friday already! I'm not complaining; I love a good weekend. :) The past couple Tuesday ten posts have been dedicated to cheap date ideas and fun date spots for local Athens friends. Since Valentine's Day is this weekend, I wanted to write a quick post about some easy ways to encourage your husband (or significant other).

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I don't know about y'all, but it is super easy for me to be a nit-picky nagger. I am a bit of a recovering perfectionist, and I can be a little harsh. The Lord has definitely given me the spiritual gift of encouragement, but in my own home with my husband, I feel a level of comfort I don't in other places, and I sometimes say and do things I wish I didn't. So in the spirit of all the lovey dovey mushy things, and more importantly, in the spirit of placing others before ourselves, here are five ways to be the voice of encouragement in your significant other's life.

1. Write him a note and leave it in a hidden place. 
- I absolutely love the written word, and putting in words how I feel is quick and easy, plus you can make it silly and fun, too.

2. Pray for and with him. 
- Choose specific scripture to pray over his life, and pray with him every chance you get.

3. Send him a treat at work. 
- If he's having a hard time or if you've got something to celebrate, let him feel super special with a delivery at work!

4. Ask what he needs.
- At the beginning of the day, ask, "What can I do to make today easier for you? What do you need today? What would make today awesome for you?"

5. Tell him you love him.
- This one just doesn't get old, friends, :)

What are ways you encourage your significant other?


  1. Jessica, Sending you an encouraging word. HAVE A WONDERFUL VALENTINES WEEKEND WITH YOUR RORY. We are having a great time in VA. Our grandchildren are so precious. God shows us HIS PERFECT LOVE each day.

  2. Good post, Jessica. Thank you for sharing and for being an encourager! Happy Valentine's weekend to you and Rory!



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