Thursday, February 4, 2016

February Goals

Yes, this is a Bitmoji. Yes, you should download the app.

Let's talk about goals, y'all. I am still loving my Powersheets and how they help keep me organized. It is interesting how thinking about things I want to do as goals instead of resolutions has helped me think more clearly about how I want to spend my time. So let's review- here are my goals for January:

purchase/begin Blog Life e-course
clean up my closet
read Boundaries
look for a place to submit my writing
have our neighbors over to dinner
begin memorizing James

work out at least 3x a week
talk to a good friend/family member on the phone
meal plan
look at weekly spending
read marriage book/Bible with Ror

read the Word
love on Ror
encourage someone
practice gratitude

I was pleasantly surprised as I took a look back at the last month. Most of my monthly goals were met! Some of the highlights there are that we had a really great time with our new neighbors, and I have really enjoyed memorizing James. My weekly goals have been fun to accomplish as well, but I will say that working out three times a week has been hard to manage.  We joined a gym and have been able to go at least once a week, sometimes twice, plus I've tried to walk a couple times when the weather is nice. My daily goals were something that were not hard for me to complete each day, except for stretching. Oops. 

Let's look forward now, shall we? Here's what I hope to accomplish in February:

continue memorizing James
read Hands Free Life
observe Lent
start training for a 5k
clean up my closet (it didn't happen in January...)

same as last month, but also: plan blog posts and observe social media free weekends

instead of love on Ror, I want to encourage him. Something about that wording makes it more intentional for me. 
I took out stretching because I wasn't really doing it. 
quote James

What are y'all trying to accomplish and work towards this month?


  1. I think James is one of my favorite books :) Good one to memorize!
    I really have been doing a bad job at most of my goals this year so far. I've done the best on my blogging goals, but still...

  2. Yay, your goals are goals!!!! Hopefully you'll achieve them all

    1. I sure hope so! Thanks for stopping in, Elizabeth!



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