Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Ten: Cheap Date Ideas

It's really easy to get into a "Let's watch Netflix and eat junk food tonight" kind of rut. And certainly no one is bashing Netflix in these parts! But sometimes, you just want do something different. Here are a few ideas that are cheap, easy, and fun!

1. Fort Night

This activity can be so fun, because you get to work with your significant other (hereby referred to as your S.O.) on a fun project. It can be fun to figure out a strategy, and then after you've made your fort, watch some movies and eat some pizza!

2. Homemade Pizza Night

Speaking of pizza, head to the grocery store, buy a pizza crust (or make one at home) some pizza sauce, and some ingredients, and get creative!

3. Themed Movie Weekend

Last weekend, we went to see The Martian on Friday night, and then on Saturday we watched Interstellar via Prime. Hence, Space Weekend! We are lame. But it was fun, so don't judge.

4. Read a Book

So Rory and I have yet to finish an actual book that we've started reading together, but we are getting there. We did, however, read through the book of James in the Bible (very slowly) when we first got married, and that was so nice. Whether you read a book together or read different books and discuss them together, reading is fun because it sparks conversations you might not have had otherwise.

5. Coloring Night

Pour your adult beverage of choice, put on some Pandora, and sharpen those colored pencils. Adult coloring books are all the rage now, and it can be so calming. Plus it's fun to just sit, chillax, and chat.

6. Take a Hike

Getting outdoors is great, especially if you have a job where you have to sit for a long time. Conquering a mountain (or small hill) with your S.O. can be a blast!

7. Explore Your Own Hometown

Go to your local square or downtown and take a peak into a few local businesses. It can be super fun!

8. Dinner at Home

Each of you can choose what part of dinner you'd like to focus on; for instance, Ror makes this incredible salmon and risotto with mushrooms and asparagus, and I can make a mean cookie cake. Getting in the kitchen together is super fun.

9. Do Something Outdoorsy/Adventurey

Depending on the season and where you live, this date could manifest itself in myriad ways- hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, tubing, swimming, skiing- get creative and just have fun!

10. Take a Sunday Drive

Channel your inner old person here if you are a young whippersnapper. Driving through neighborhoods you want to live in or just want to know more about can be oh so fun. Just don't always look up how much the homes cost; depending on your budget you might get depressed! Seriously though, "window shopping" and "browsing" through neighborhoods can be a blast when you're looking for a home of your own.

There you have it, friends! Share the love and let me know- what are some of your favorite cheap dates?


  1. Loving all of these ideas! Being stuck at home with two kiddos can be tough for us to go on dates sometimes and I'm loving the ones where we can do something at home once they are in bed! By the way, I'm all about that adult coloring! =)

    Come say hi! www.alfasengupta.com

  2. One of J's and my favorite dates are playing board games and card games together.



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