Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Ten: Giving Back

{Necklace from 31Bits}

Friends, there is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and now Giving Tuesday! On this first day of December, let's remember that giving is truly the best choice we can make as we celebrate the holidays. During this holiday season, it is so easy to think about all of the wonderful things that we want for ourselves. And yet, it is during this time that we have an incredible opportunity to consider others in need and to shop with a purpose. We can either give gifts that give back through purchasing through companies that give back, or we can give to non-profit organizations who are making a difference in places all around the world. I've rounded up a few of my favorite organizations and businesses so that you can think twice about where your dollars go this holiday season.

I have sponsored through Compassion for several years now, and I absolutely love what they do. They exist to serve children all throughout the world by helping provide for basic physical needs, but they also attend to a child's spiritual needs as they teach them about Jesus through children's centers in their local towns or villages. They also have a holiday gift catalog that allows you to choose various ways to invest in the lives of others around the world. 

Samaritan's Purse is an evangelical Christian organization that attempts to meet physical needs of those who are in distress while also sharing with them the power of the love of Christ. While I taught in Mexico, each year my class and I chose a special cause from the gift catalog to give towards. It was such a special memory- to see them get excited about helping others was priceless.

3. Mocha Club

The first time I heard about the Mocha Club was at a Dave Barnes concert in college, and I have been a fan ever since. The premise is simple- for the cost of a couple mochas at Starbucks each month, you can be a part of giving back to some amazing projects in Africa- including clean water, orphan care, sustainable income, education, and health care. It's an amazing organization and well worth the little bit given each month.

4. Live Fashionable

I absolutely love this business, because it is all about women helping women. Using fashion as a means to empower women in Africa and in Nashville, Live Fashionable is the real deal. The stories of the women that inspire their jewelry, beautiful leather bags, and scarves can all be found on their site. And there's fun things for the men in your life, too! Wallets, keychains, luggage tags, the possibilities here are endless, friends!

5. 31 Bits

This business is another that gives back to women in a powerful way. Through the beautiful handcrafted jewelry sold (for kids, too!) women are able to have sustainable income, which is life-changing for them and their families. The beads are all made of recycled materials, and the designs are gooooorgeous. You can also read personal stories from women in Uganda on their blog, which makes the purchase all the more special.

6. Shama Women

Shama Women is based out of Charleston, South Carolina. The husband and wife who started it are an incredible couple who long to see women empowered and walking in their identity in Christ. I first learned of Shama Women at the Influence Conference in September and was so encouraged by their story. The women who benefit from Shama all receive vocational training and Biblical teaching so that they are not only empowered financially, but spiritually. Good stuff, friends.

7. Kupendwa Ministries

This ministry is one that is close to home- literally. Kupendwa is a ministry founded by a young woman just like you and me who is from Watkinsville, Georgia. Amy Washington visited Uganda and was appalled by the lack of sufficient healthcare. For many women in Uganda, childbirth is deadly and often happens alone without medical care. The mother and baby are both at risk, and usually the father is nowhere to be found. Kupendwa serves these mothers through maternity clinics, workshops, and a maternity home. Not to mention that they are given amazing spiritual mentorship, and 100% of them come to know Christ! Sounds like a winner to me.

8. Engadi Ministries

This ministry is another that is close to home; the founders call Watkinsville First Baptist Church their home in the states. The Hardeman family lives in Guatemala, and they minister to boys and show them what it looks like to be a man of God. In Guatemala City, fathers are absent and gangs are rampant. Engadi exists to alleviate this saddening reality by leading these boys to Christ and showing them Biblical manhood through boys' homes and neighborhood outreach.

9. Noonday Collection

This business is incredible, y'all. Not only does it provide sustainable income for artisans all over the world through beautiful jewelry and accessories, but it also provides an income for women who sell the jewelry here in the States! I have been drooling over some of their bags for goodness knows how long, and I so love what they are doing around the globe. Fashion with a purpose, friends- it's the new thing!

10. Downtown Ministries

And last but not least, friends, I give you Downtown Ministries. My school, Downtown Academy is just one part of this amazing ministry. Downtown Ministries exists to serve Athens through sports, tutoring, and education. Athens is the Classic City, and we just wanna love on the families of this town. Your giving could help us do some amazing things!


  1. Thank you for highlighting all of these! It's so important to spend our gift dollars wisely. :)

  2. This is great!! I've never heard of 31 bits but it sounds awesome! Can't wait to check these out today :)

    1. Thanks for reading! 31 Bits is amazing; I want so many of their pieces!

  3. 31 Bits was started by girls from my college! They're so amazing!



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