Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Ten: Why I Love My Job

It is no secret to those who know me that I am currently working at my dream job. The Lord provided an incredible opportunity for me last year to join the staff at Downtown Academy, and I have loved it. I am so grateful to work with the people I do every day, and I am so glad to know that they are not only my co-workers, but my friends. So here's a little glimpse into why I love my job so much.

1. We get to talk to kids about Jesus. I love that a child can ask me to pray for him, and I can literally stop class and stand in the back of the classroom to pray with him. It is pretty special.
2. Our kids are incredible. The kids we serve just knock my socks off. They're hilarious and oh so talented in myriad ways.
3. Our parents are grateful. Conferences are a fun time for me, because I get to sit and talk with their parents about what their child has been up to and how they are growing and changing.
4. My co-workers are my friends. The staff at DtA has grown with each year, and I am so grateful for the relationships that I have with my co-workers, who laugh, pray and cry with me, sometimes all before 8:00 am.
5. We have a lot of fun. Each day is something new, and the kids say something ridiculous or a co-worker cuts up in a crazy way that has me in stitches.

6. Our boss is the most humbly amazing servant hearted leader EVER. Seriously, everyone needs a boss like Patrick Ennis. Every day he checks in with us and makes sure we're ok, grabbing water and coffee for us and consoling kiddos like. a. boss.
7. We are given unbelievable opportunities. Um, we just got back from a conference in NYC. What the dump? (More on that later this week.:))
8. The community of Athens is rallied around our school and Downtown Ministries. The whole Downtown Ministries family- football, cheer-leading, gymnastics, tennis, swim, Downtown Life, After School, Lunch Buddy Mentoring, it's all a big family of people who just want to love on some kids and tell 'em about Jesus. 

9. Our staff meetings begin and end with prayer. Nuff said.
10. Kids' hearts are changing, and it is so beautiful to watch God work.

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