Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Currently: October


Y'all. I absolutely love October. It is such a sweet month to me. Fall is such a precious time of transition, with the leaves changing and the temperatures shifting as we are reminded that things cannot and will not stay the same. October is special to me for so many reasons- sweater weather, leather boots, pumpkin spice everything, Georgia football, and the sweet crisp in the air. And last year, October brought me my hubby! Praise God for October! :) Here's what's going on around these parts. 

Eating: We are two days away from being done with our first Whole 30. Praise Him. So we've been eating a lot of meat, veggies, and fruit. I miss margs. Hard.
Exploring: Next week, our school staff has the incredible opportunity to travel to New York City for a conference on Christian urban education. To say I am excited would be an understatement. I went to NYC for the first time in high school about ten years ago (man, typing that made me feel old), and I cannot wait to explore the Big Apple again with grown-up perspective and appreciation. 
Wearing: As previously stated, I love fall. The last week or so, I have been layering up with cozy cardigans, and I am loving my tried and true military jacket from Gap. 
Admiring: I am so admiring the myriad women in my life that have spoken truth over me and am grateful for the examples that have been placed before me.
Collecting: Verses. A couple weeks ago, Ror and I went to see the War Room movie and loved it. It challenged us to remember the power of prayer, so I've been storing up lots of verses to recall each day. 

Joining in today with lots of other blogger ladies via Anne and Jenna!


  1. Hahaha I love that you included missing margs. Is that bad that margs and cheese dip are totally keeping me from doing whole 30?! Congrats on getting the entire way through it!! That's amazing!

    1. Thank you Jenna! It was a challenge but it was so worth it!



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