Monday, March 30, 2015

on making dreams come true

It's been a while, friends, but the blog is still alive. Today, I write to you with a heart full of anticipation and expectation. This fall, I began a new job at a wonderful school called Downtown Academy in the Classic City of Athens, Georgia. This school is different and special for many reasons. Yes, we have smaller class sizes and one class per grade level. But those reasons are not what set Downtown Academy apart from other schools. Downtown Academy is set apart because we are able to offer a Christ-centered education to students and children who are considered to be the most at-risk children within our city. These children are afforded the opportunity to come to a safe place each day and learn not only about how words and numbers work together and make sense, but about the Creator of the universe Who gave them life and made them for a purpose.

This year, I have had the privilege of teaching the second grade class at Downtown Academy. We have ten boys and one girl. Each one of them is precious to me, and we have formed a sweet bond. They keep me laughing and I keep them learning (most of the time). Each morning, we have a time to take a break and eat a snack. During that time, I like to let the kids watch a short video or two. Throughout the year, I have showed them several songs by the Christian rapper Lecrae. They have come to love and adore his songs, singing the words and begging to watch them, as they all love rap and hip hop music.

Lecrae is an incredibly talented artist, but more than that, he is a follower of Christ and an amazing father and husband. He works to ensure that he not only produces quality music that inspires, teaches, and convicts, but also encourages and entertains. We. love. Lecrae.

Here's the cool thing: Lecrae is coming to our town in just three weeks! His concert tour is making a stop in the Classic City, and we want to take our kids for a very special once-in-a-lifetime outing. On Thursday, April 16, Lecrae will be in concert just a few blocks from our school. I want to invite you, my friends, to consider giving towards what could be an incredibly memorable night for our second grade class. We need $250 to take our students to see this awesome role model and experience an unforgettable night. Would you consider being a part of this incredible opportunity for our kids?

If so, please visit Downtown Academy's giving page. You will be prompted to specify what you would like to give towards in step 2- "Enter Your Contact Info." Please specify that your gift is for the "Second Grade Special Field Trip."

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

*The opinions expressed in this blog post belong to Jessica Miller.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Currently: March

It is hard to believe that we've made it through almost 1/4 of this year, isn't it? God is so faithful.

dreaming...I've loved this warmer weather that we have had for the past few days, and I am dreaming of all that I'll do when it is here to stay.
planning...Right now I am planning on how to get back into shape. I registered for a half marathon a couple months ago that is next weekend and I have hardly trained, so I will not be participating. 
making...I am beginning to appreciate Google Sheets a lot more recently as I have been making lists and trying to keep track of them all in one place. 
baking...When we had our crazy week of freezing rain that gave us no snow days, I made some yummy drop biscuits to go along with one of my favorite soups
watching...Even though this season was the hardest to get through and did not captivate me as other seasons have in the past, I am still watching Downton Abbey. Gotta love those Crawleys.


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