Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Currently: January

Okay, who can believe that we have made it to January 2015? Man, thinking about the fact that I still remember Y2K makes me feel old. I trust you and yours enjoyed a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. My holidays were full of much joy, relaxation, and gratitude.

I'm excited to link up again with Jenna of Dearest Love and Anne of In Residence for another Currently post. Here's what's happening in my neck of the woods:

Planning: Right now I am planning on how to use my PowerSheets to the best of their capability. I really want this year to be one where I come in to the best version of my self. 
Hoping: There are oh so many things that I am hoping for, but I am mostly hoping that this year I make my time matter and enjoy what the Lord has given to me, which is so very much.  
Baking: I haven't baked in a while, but I had some delicious salted nutella chocolate chip cookies over break. My mouth is still rejoicing at the ecstasy it experienced.  
Wearing: It has been so cold here lately, so I've been bundling up in some new sweaters that I got for Christmas.
Resolving: I'm my own worst critic, so I'm resolving to hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. There's so much more peace with a gracious state of mind. 


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