Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Women with Vision: Jennifer Brommet

Jennifer and I met through quite serendipitous events. We both were the last minute additions on a trip to Kenya this summer. The way that the Lord brought us together is just so Him. Jennifer is an incredible woman with a sincere heart for the Lord and a desire to see women (and men) walk in freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit. She and I quickly became close through our week together in Kenya, and I am so grateful for the way that the Lord allowed us to come together not only as friends, but hopefully as partners in ministry. Be encouraged by her today, friends.

Tell us about yourself! Who are you?
I’m Jennifer Brommet, and I live in Cumming, Georgia with my husband Remco. We’ve been married 28 years and have two daughters, Carina and Sophia. Carina lives in London, England, finishing a master’s degree in screenwriting and Sophia is a sophomore at Berry College majoring in theater. I love being creative, with a background in art, graphic design and photography. One of my favorite times of work was as the Art Director for the Billy Graham Association which eventually took me to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where I met and married my husband! Our marriage mission is to help as many inside and outside the church come to a saving and intimate relationship with God, and have been in various ministry work most of our married life.
In 2008, God called me to start and direct True Identity Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit, nondenominational ministry with a passion for helping people come to understand and embrace their True Identity in Christ, setting them free to be all God designed and desires for them to be. I love to write with God and have written a book, True Identity, sharing my own journey from severe rejection and depression to freedom in my true identity, and write a weekly blog. Since going through breast cancer treatment in 2011, I cherish each day even more as a gift from God. Most importantly, I am a precious, redeemed daughter of the most high God!

How do you define a woman with vision?
To me a woman of vision is one who is solidly living in her true identity and is passionate about an intimate relationship with God. She desires to embrace all that God has called and purposed for her to do, and is willing to step out in faith, and outside her comfort zones, to answer that call. She is about God’s Kingdom work here on earth and investing in things of eternal value.

What are three things you want the women of our generation to remember?
1. God loves you, is passionate about you, and has an exciting purpose and plan for your life! 2. You are a beautiful, one of a kind, masterpiece. 3. Be there for one another, truly care for one another, and invest in lasting friendships.

Give us your life verse- the one that keeps you going.

Romans 8:28 - “ALL things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” This verse has gotten me through the darkest days and deepest valleys and I have seen this promise come true over and over again.

Describe your perfect day, from sunup to sundown.

I have 3 kind of perfect days - “Me”day and ministry days.

1. The weather would be sunny and warm - around 75 degrees, (I hate being cold!) with a clear blue sky.  I would get up around 8. After a light breakfast, I would have a peaceful quiet time on the porch reading the Word, journaling, and basking in God’s presence in listening prayer time. I would then workout for about an hour, shower, dress in comfortable clothes and then spend time outside in a beautiful setting enjoying God’s magnificent creation and taking photos. I may also do some writing. I would then love to spend the rest of my day/evening with family and friends sharing a meal, great conversations, laughter, faith encouraging stories, and praying with one another. If time, I would then do a little reading or knitting before turning in to bed.

2. Getting up around 8 on a warm, sunny day and spending the day/evening in ministry, witnessing God transforming lives, and encouraging others in their faith.

3. My other perfect day would be waking up in Kenya and spending the entire day and evening with beloved Kenyan brothers and sisters in Christ, sharing the True Identity message and encouraging them in how to share it with others!


  1. Jessica, I've enjoyed this interview with Jennifer. What a pleasure to get to know you both more through your beautiful blog. Thanks so much.

    1. Rose, thank you so much for reading! I loved meeting you and getting to know you at the retreat. Please keep in touch!



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