Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Etsy Swap 2014

This blogging community is just so fun. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface, but I have loved seeing how bloggers, writers, and creatives come together in this little place we affectionately call the blogosphere. My friend Rachel turned me on to the blog Oak and Oats a few months back, and after following her, I quickly saw that her best friend had a blog worth following as well.

Imagine my delight when I read about a month ago about a fun little connecting activity called the Etsy Swap, sponsored by Meg of Rivers and Roads and Amy of Taking Steps Home. Handmade and homemade goodies are just my sort of thing, and I knew I wanted to participate. It was so fun to be able to send a Give Me Jesus journal to my match, and then I waited with anticipation to see what my match was going to pick for me. The matches were not mutual; I picked something out for someone, and then someone else sent me some goodies.

The day that my package came could not have been more perfect. Of course now I cannot remember what was going on, but it had been a doozy of a day at work, and I was tired when I walked in the door that afternoon. It was the most welcome gift to see a package waiting for me and then open it up to find so many wonderful goodies. My sender did an amazing job of shopping for me and finding some sweet little gifts that were so tailored to my tastes!

I'm definitely a tea drinker and rarely drink coffee, so I am excited to try this tea that my sender makes and sells. 

This sweet addition to our home will remind me to enjoy life's simple pleasures. 

As an avid journaler, these pens and cute little notepads were such a fun treat. New pens and notebooks are some of my favorite things. 

These fun earrings were on my Etsy wishlist for the longest time, but I never got around to buying them. As someone who loves to travel, they are such a fun and unique accessory that I've enjoyed wearing. 

I love how the texture of this sweet little hoop frame changed our little bitty "gallery" wall. :)

Participating in and shopping for the Etsy Swap was such a joy, and I will definitely participate next year. It was a unique way to be able to network with other bloggers and make a new friend! Thanks to Meg and Amy for hosting!


  1. oh i LOVE the tea! i'll be checking that out!
    So glad you participated in the swap!

  2. That's neat that your gifter makes tea and decided to send you some! That will be fun to try. :) I actually love everything that you got! Tell me more about that stamp set. Do you think it was an etsy item? I love maps and traveling too - those earrings are gorgeous! Where did you get the other two prints on your wall? I love how all of the colors are different and yet match so perfectly, that hoop art fits right in!

    1. I think the stamp set is actually from Target? And the other two prints are from the Naptime Diaries Shop and Life Lived Beautifully. :)

  3. The stamp was from Target! I used the allotted budget on Etsy gifts, but I wanted to include some fun little things I thought you might enjoy! It was fun shopping for you! As a fellow world traveler I couldn't resist getting you the earrings. And I saw the embroidery quote on your blog and it felt like a perfect fit! I am glad you enjoyed your gifts. I hope you love the tea too!

    1. Pamela you did an incredible job! I loved everything in my box. The pens especially have been wonderful as I journal in the morning. :) Thank you so very much!



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