Wednesday, October 8, 2014

| 31 Days | Women with Vision: My Mama

Friends, I am so excited to introduce to you an exciting new series that is going to be a part of the blog each Wednesday for the next few weeks. This is my first time doing a series, and I truly believe that this one is going to encourage you. I know that in the midst of planning for it and drafting for it, I've been encouraged. A few weeks ago, I ran across the following quote on Christine Caine's Instagram account: "Little girls with dreams become women with vision." I've always been a dreamer, but now I feel like the Lord has given me vision- for my life and for His kingdom. For the next few weeks, I'll be introducing you to women who have been pivotal in my life. And what better way to start than with my mama, Cathy Miller? :)

My mom is just about the best woman I know. She is kind, gentle, and thoughtful. She often puts others' needs above her own and seeks to take care of everyone around her. She is beautiful-she looks amazing and wears no makeup. Ever. Just a touch a lipstick for church and dates with my daddy. I love her and want to be like her when I grow up.

Tell us about yourself! Who are you? 

My name is Cathy Miller. I am a fifty-eight year old married woman with two children- Jessica Nicole, 26, and Lauren Kristin, 23. My wonderful husband of 32 years is Ed Miller. I work as needed as a hospital pharmacist. I am currently training at a new hospital pharmacy; it is challenging, as the hospital is much larger than my last job.

I became a Christian as an adult at almost 27 years. I love the Lord and try to live my life in a way that will honor Him.

How do you define a woman with vision?

A woman with vision is a woman "who knows and does the will of God." A former pastor, Jerry Sutton, used this phrase to explain the measure of success in God's eyes.

What are three things you want the women of our generation to remember?

1. Remember Whose you are.
2. Remember who you are.
3. Even though life can be difficult at times, God is there to walk with you.

Give us your life verse- that go-to one that always keeps you going.

1 Samuel 16:7: But the Lord said to Samuel, "Do not look at his appearance or the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."

Describe your perfect day- what would you do from sunup to sundown?

Spiritually: A perfect day would be when I get to see Jesus face to face and sit at His feet and worship Him.

Earthly: A perfect day would involve sleeping until at least 8 am. I would then get up and drink two cups of coffee while watching the Today Show. Next, I would have a leisurely breakfast. Then I would spend time in prayer with Jesus and read the word. (I wouldn't get anything accomplished if I didn't have my coffee first.) Next, I would have a relaxing lunch with Ed. After that, I would take a nap. After waking up, I would read a good book, scrapbook, and get a mani-pedi if time allowed. Next, I would go to dinner and a play with Ed. If I were near a beach, I would walk hand in hand with Ed to end a most perfect day. 


  1. Have you ever done the 31 days challenge before? I have, but I decided not to do it this year only because I already had an editorial calendar that was pretty packed....It is a lot of fun and I find myself kind of missing it this year!

    I loved that today's post featured your Mom!!! My Mom is definitely my best friend, so I know all about the admiration we can have for them. To your Mom - It was nice to meet you, Cathy!!! I hope that the Lord grants you even more joy in Him and continues to use you in the lives of your husband and your children and everyone you come into contact with as well. You ARE beautiful! :)

  2. Victoria, this is my first year doing the 31 day challenge, and it is definitely living up to it's name! I have enjoyed it though and am grateful for the ways it is stretching me. Thank you so much for reading along and for your sweet words for my mama! You're so thoughtful and kind. :)



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