Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why I Blog

Blog-tember Day 14: When did you start blogging and why?


I feel like I could answer this question in two ways. When I was in high school, I had a Livejournal account in which I wrote the most random things. This was my first entry into the blogging world. My friends were on Livejournal, too, so I read their entries and commented. It was like our first taste of social media. Now that I think about it, I cannot remember what I wrote about. Most likely it was about school and things I liked to do, my thoughts about things we talked about in youth group...who knows? Sadly, I can't find the page now, although I know it's just floating out there on the internet, getting absolutely zero page views per day/week/year.

Fast forward to May 2010- I knew that I would be moving to Mexico in the fall, and I wanted to establish a way of keeping in touch with my supporters, friends, and family back in the States. I knew I would send out regular updates, but wanted to have a place where I could write about my life in Mexico in more detail in order to paint a picture of my life there for all of my friends back home. My very first post contained the lyrics to a Brooke Fraser song, and from there I wrote about graduating from college and the things the Lord was teaching me as I made my way to Mexico.

When I moved back to the States, I was so overwhelmed with life and just didn't really think about writing. It just didn't come to mind. However, as I have adjusted back to life in the States over the past couple years and have come to find my niche here in Athens, I've felt a tugging in my heart, that urge to write. To express myself and let my heart bleed on the page as words for whoever will read. It's usually fun, but sometimes it is terrifying. As friends and family have encouraged me, I've just kept writing, and now I don't want to stop. My purpose in blogging is to encourage others and point people to Jesus by sharing about what He's done for me and is doing in and through me. Thank you for reading, friends. I love sharing this space with you.


  1. I love that quote!! It's one I often recall when I'm in a transition of my life!

  2. Isn't it a wonderful thing to remember why you do things?! Love the quote! Hopped over from the Oak&Oats link up!

  3. I started on Xanga and also had a Livejournal, which I can't find, both the accounts have been purged. I usually would write random things and share snippets from AIM chats and meme before they were so widely used. I also use to share poetry as well. How long were you in Mexico?



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