Monday, September 15, 2014

current favorites

Blog-tember Day 15: Make a mood board. Are you brainstorming a room re-do, or are you dreaming of glamping with gal-pals? Share a collage of any kind!

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile."

Right now I am just loving this little cold front that has come through our parts. It was so nice outside yesterday, and it felt so good to be able to wear jeans and not be sweating through them as I ran errands. We sat outside on the porch for small group last night, and it was just. so. lovely. My most favorite season is finally just around the corner. I mean, I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season on Friday, so it's pretty much autumn. Yay fall!


  1. Love it! I'm an autumn girl, too - & I'm guessing I need a {slightly} puffy vest for the season {as shown on your board}.

    1. I got my puffy vest at Old Navy last year and love it! It is so versatile and warm. :)



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