Wednesday, September 17, 2014

At the Barn: A Writer's Day

There's something to be said about the way the Lord orchestrates things and brings the right people together at just the right time. I know without a doubt that He has done just that with my friend Rachel and I. When I moved back to Athens in the summer of 2012, I got involved with the University of Georgia Baptist Collegiate Ministries as a small group coach. Basically, I got to be a small group leader for small group leaders. Being with college girls was so much fun, and I loved hosting them at my home and hearing about their lives. A few of the girls and I really connected and have continued to get to know each other, and I love what God has done with our friendships.

Enter Rachel. In 2012, she was a junior and an Early Childhood Education major. We connected so easily because we both love kids and teaching. In the past few months, our friendship has grown so much. We are meeting together to read Let's All Be Brave and challenging each other to take chances that are worth taking. She's a blogger and the co-owner of East West Design Co., a lovely little Etsy shop. I just love her.

At our very first "book club" meeting, Rachel and I talked about our shared love of writing and how we wanted to one day attend the Influence Conference. Knowing that it was too expensive and inconvenient for the both of us, we put the dream on a shelf for later. A few days later, I was reading through the blogs I follow and read that Emily Freeman, a Christian author, would be hosting a day for women writers in North Carolina. Tickets were first come, first serve, and space was limited. As in less than 50 attendees. I immediately Googled the distance from Athens to NC, then texted Rachel. We both got super excited, knowing that the Lord could do something amazing if we said a very brave yes to this awesome opportunity. Within a couple hours, we bought our tickets. And within 48 hours, the event sold out!

I am so excited about this day. After buying our tickets, Rachel and I both started looking at pictures and blog posts from last year's event and were just blown away. It feels surreal and very big to know that in 10 days, we will be together with other women talking about writing and Jesus and it is just going to be oh so amazing. Rachel and I are so road-trip ready. This day is going to be big, and I am so full of anticipation, knowing that we will be challenged and encouraged in ways beyond our expectations.

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