Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday favorites


"8 Ways to Change the World: Advice From 7 Leaders on How to Make a Difference" from Relevant Magazine
In the pursuit of justice, we sometimes try so hard to be a voice for the voiceless that we forget they already have a voice—oftentimes, we just aren’t listening. We unknowingly trample over those we are trying to serve. We break instead of restore. But in learning from the voices of the world, we begin to recognize that culture does not define our worth, but dignity is an inherent gift from God. Jesus is always seen through the eyes of the neglected, the oppressed and the abused. 

"The Beauty of Dignified Work" from Noonday Collection blog
I'm on a big justice kick here, seeing as how I am reading through the She Reads Truth justice Bible study plan, and I loved following the Style for Justice Team in Rwanda. This theme is definitely one that the Lord has brought to the forefront of my mind and heart lately. 


Tomato & Zucchini Frittata from Love & Lemons
Definitely making this soon. We have a big zucchini and some delicious home grown tomatoes from my roommate's family's house that I am just dying to use.

Tortellini Skillet Lasagna from Lemons for Lulu


What if we remembered this truth a little more often that we forgot it? 

Happy weekend, friends.

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