Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorites, Vol. 7


Here's what has moved me in my reading this week:

She Reads Truth Hosea plan. So good. So very good. I love the book of Hosea and know that I am going to reread Redeeming Love for the umpteenth time after this study.

"IF You Are Standing In The Rubble" by Jennie Allen. I feel like I share something of hers every week. Love her, her writing, and her heart for Jesus and women of the world.

"What Love Never Does" by Emily Freeman. I recently just started following Emily again, and I am so glad; especially since I am going to meet her in a few short weeks with my friend Rachel! More on that later. :)

"Until we are tired" by Becca at The Stanley Clan. I am always so very moved by Becca's writing. Her family's ministry in inner-city Atlanta is truly inspiring and challenging to me.



In a few weeks, my sister and I are most likely going to Music Midtown 2014. I'm excited/nervous; I've never been to a music festival. But hey, #yolo. We talked about how we have to look cool and dress like hipsters, and I feel like this hairstyle will do the trick.


I really need some new glasses, so right now I'm imagining my face with some new Warby Parkers. As someone who has worn glasses since second grade, this is a big decision. I have contacts, but I can't see as well with them. {#blind #thestruggle) So in the next couple weeks, I may look like a new woman. You've been warned.

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