Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday ten: Good Eats

Oh me, oh my. I sure do love to eat. It's really no secret if you know me well at all. I'm a five small meals a day kind of girl. Breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner. And then sometimes another snack. :) Athens has some amazing local restaurants. One of the things I wanted to do this summer was try at least three new Athens restaurants. I was able to get to a few restaurants I hadn't yet visited, but after living here for six years, there are still so many places I'd love to try. If you're a local, be sure to check these out and offer any recommendations!

1. Two Story Coffeehouse
-No, I don't even drink coffee. But I love this place. It opened while I was still in school, and it quickly became my favorite spot in all of Athens for studying, reading, and meeting with friends for some good conversation. Love this place.

2. Cali-N-Tito's
-Cuban deliciousness. BYOB. Great outdoor atmosphere. Mexican Cokes. What's not to love?

3. Mama's Boy
- I absolutely love taking people here when they come into town. It is by far one of the busiest spots in all of Athens on a Saturday morning, especially during the school year when students are in town. However, the wait is always worth it, as they have the most delicious Southern yumminess.

Breakfast with my mama at Mama's Boy. :)
Favorite breakfast at Mama's Boy.

Breakfast at The Grit.
4. The Grit
-While this is a vegetarian restaurant, they serve some throw down food. And they have Cecilia's cakes! Super yum.

5. Ike and Jane
- This one is a new favorite for me. The restaurant itself is super cute and is in Normaltown, an area of Athens that I don't know as well but would like to continue to discover. They only serve breakfast and lunch, and I love their creative donut flavor pairings.

6. Taqueria del Sol
- Cheap. Delicious. Mexican. I don't think I really need to say much else. Probably my favorite guacamole in all of Athens.

7. Marti's at Midday
-This restaurant is another Athens favorite. Their hours are a little tricky, as they only serve breakfast and lunch, and they are not open on weekends. It makes it a little difficult for a teacher to get over there. But. The food is the bomb. Their Big Salad was enough to last me for three meals.

With the sweet Johnson sisters. :)
8. Last Resort Grill
-No list of Athens restaurants is complete without this crowd favorite. This restaurant is known for being savory and scrumptious during all three meal times. I've enjoyed brunch, lunch, and dinner there, and I highly recommend it to all friends. It's a nicer restaurant that won't bust the wallet, but it is a nice change for when you want to get all dressed up and enjoy a good meal with friends.

9. Weaver D's Delicious Fine Foods
-Another Athens staple, this restaurant has been featured on ESPN's "Todd's Taste of the Town" and HGTV's Front Door. For those who love some fried chicken, mac and cheese, and green beans with cornbread, you've found your spot.

10. The Grill
-A 24-hour restaurant in downtown Athens, this spot is perfect for a game-day meal or for satisfying a late night craving for their famous feta fries. Heart attack on a plate, and you can wash it down with a milkshake if you're feeling daring. :)

Did you catch a pattern here? It seems as though I love Mexican food and breakfast. :) What are some of your favorite restaurants around town?


  1. YES to all. Although I've never tried the Grit or Weaver D's.
    I love reading your posts!

    1. Rachel, we will just have to go on a little date and discover them together! :)



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