Tuesday, July 15, 2014

taking stock

Making | lots and lots of lists
Cooking |yumminess from the 1 bag/3 meals feature from my Rachael Ray Every Day magazine
Drinking |Kenyan tea :)
Reading |True Identity by Jennifer Brommet, my new ministry partner in crime :)
Wanting |more summer
Looking |at how to squeeze a $1.50 from $1 ;)
Playing |Jesus Culture Pandora station
Deciding |how to make the most of the rest of my summer
Wishing |I could be in two or three places at once
Enjoying |down time
Waiting |for school to start
Liking |not setting an alarm
Wondering |when the first day of school is
Loving |Weird Al's grammar-loving parody of "Blurred Lines"
Pondering |on how to love my neighbors (like the literal ones on my block)
Considering |buying a MacBook Pro (when I win the lottery)
Watching | Friday Night Lights
Hoping |for an amazing school year
Marveling |at God's goodness and faithfulness in my life
Needing |to stay near the vine
Smelling |my hand cream :)
Wearing |my dad's old Polo tee and pj shorts
Following |the Noonday Collection #StyleforJustice team in Rwanda
Noticing |glimpses of His grace
Knowing |that He is good
Thinking |about school and how busy I'm about to be
Admiring |my mom
Sorting |papers on papers on papers in my room
Buying |too many beauty products 
Getting |lots of rest
Bookmarking |blog posts 
Disliking |the end of summer
Opening |mail from my Compassion child in Uganda
Giggling |at funny texts from my best friends
Feeling |contented

Stole this from Our Yellow Door

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