Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

Since it's summertime and I have nothing to do much more freedom in my schedule, I have been able to voraciously read and follow my favorite blogs well. Here's a few of my favorites from this week:



#StyleforJustice stories from Rwanda
Y'all, I have loved reading these stories. One amazing business and another amazing organization have come together in the name of empowerment and freedom, and since I just got back from Kenya, it has been wonderful to read the powerful stories they're weaving.

You Make Me Brave album by Bethel Music: I absolutely cannot get enough of this album. I've had it on repeat all week. Female vocalist driven. Powerful lyrics. Life giving. Anointed. All the feelings.


I've bookmarked quite a few yummy recipes and fun crafts to try as I've been perusing the web this week. Here's a few that I just can't wait to whip up:


I've been praying and dreaming big this week; my wheels are turning constantly and I'm feeling all the feelings  as I try to process through all that I saw and experienced this summer. More on that as I sort through it all. For right now, I'm imagining and dreaming about my new classroom, too! :)

and just for fun...

I "literally" can't stop watching this video. As a self-proclaimed grammar Nazi, I absolutely and wholeheartedly approve its message. :)

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