Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday ten: on Uganda

Well friends, I cannot believe it, but in one month I will be in Uganda! God has been so faithful to provide what I need for this trip financially, and now I am attempting to be prepared spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Here's ten things I want you all to know about this trip:

1. Our team is small, but God is mighty. I will be going with two men from my church. Our trip leader, Robbie Woelfl, is the discipleship pastor at my church, Watkinsville First Baptist. The other team member is a student at UGA. While our numbers seem small, we know that God is able to do a mighty work in and through any two or three who are gathered in His name.

2. We will be working with an organization called In Mission Ministries, which seeks to train up Ugandan men to work within their own communities. Part of our time will be spent working through a curriculum for pastors that will help them grow in their understanding of the Bible.

3. The spiritual atmosphere there can be dark. Pray for our hearts to be filled with joy and peace.

4. We will be able to visit some of the refugee camps in the Gulu district. I have no doubt that this will be a difficult day, and I pray that it will be one that leaves me changed.

5. There is a thing called "Africa time," thus we will be learning to be quite flexible. :)

6. The people there love music. This was so exciting for me to hear, since I can hardly sit and read without background music.

7. We will be able to visit several different villages and see the work that is being done there. There is a school in at least one of the villages, so with the assistance of a translator, I may be able to teach!

8. At some point, we will be able to baptize new believers, which I know will be so poignant and special.

9. The time difference is seven hours. They are ahead. I'm pretty sure my body is going to hate me. I'm leaving two days after school ends here. Please. pray. hard.

10. I'm excited and eager to see what God has for me to learn and see on this trip. It has been so amazing to watch Him work in the past few months, and I know that He is going to be with us as we go.

*Photos are from last year's team.

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