Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the Tuesday ten

1. Once Upon a Time on ABC

Y'all. This show is so ridiculous. But it is so. good. All of your favorite fairy tale characters are in one show,which goes back and forth between ancient and modern times. Can't stop won't stop.

2. Spring break.

This is how I feel about it.

3.  The Price of Stones: Building a School for My Village by Twesigye Jackson Kaguri

I'm only a few chapters in, but this book has been spellbinding so far. This is the story of a Ugandan man who returns to his home to care for children orphaned by AIDS by starting a school for them in order to completely change their futures. You can read an article written yesterday by Kaguri, who is a Colombia graduate, here at The Huffington Post.

4. Guacamole. Need I say more?

5. Promise of provision

The Lord has told me to go Uganda this summer. I'm super excited, but also learning to continue to trust Him every day. The cost of this trip is $2,500, which I most definitely do not have. Last week, I was praying about this predicament, when the Lord reminded me that He owns the entire universe. I'm sure He knows exactly where the $2,500 for my trip is. I'm praying for 100 people to give $25. Because that's pretty feasible. Email me at jess56@gmail.com if you want more info. :)

6. Glimpses of spring- can't come soon enough.

7. This verse:
"And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus." - Philippians 4:19

8. Life Lived Beautifully

My sweet friend Gretchen has an amazing business called Life Lived Beautifully. She is a super talented individual who loves the Lord and loves making things look lovely. Check out her website; I'm sure you will find something in her shop that you want or read something on her blog that will encourage you!

"It Is Well" pillows from Life Lived Beautifully
9. This quote.

From Life Lived Beautifully

10. Once Broadway Tour

The review of this show will have to be an entirely different post, because it was just that good. But friends...wow. 

Here's to an amazing week! What are you enjoying these days?

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