Tuesday, March 4, 2014

the Tuesday ten

1. Handwritten Letters

I love receiving and giving letters. My mom instilled the value of a handwritten note in me, and it has not left me now. Just yesterday, a sweet note from my dear friend Gretchen brought tears to my eyes. Emails usually just don't do that.

2. Music from Once

The song below has been a favorite of mine for a few years now, but it was only a few months ago that I finally saw the movie. Once is just amazing; it is so raw and feels like a real story. On Saturday I am going to the Broadway musical version with my friend Erica, and I absolutely cannot wait!

3. Phone Dates

As far as texting goes, I am one to text a quick question because I don't feel like having a drawn-out conversation. But there is something different about talking with a friend on the phone and hearing
their tone of voice and laugh that you've missed.

4. Bodypump

This past summer, I joined a local gym, and Bodypump has been my go-to class for a while now. I feel so strong as I pump iron each week! :)

5. Visits from Mama

My mama came to Athens this weekend, and it was oh so lovely to spend time with her and worship with her at church on Sunday morning.

6. High School Girls

In my senior year, I had the joy of leading a group of sweet little 7th grade girls. Well, now those girls are juniors in high school. And I still love them.

Then 8th grade girls at Camp, May 2010. 

7.  The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by Beth Moore

I have completed a few Beth Moore Bible studies, and this one in particular is wonderful because of the way in which I can see myself in the characters of Genesis. They were ordinary people just like you and me.

8. Sleep

As a child, I required a lot of sleep. I'm learning that as an adult, not much has changed.

9. Eating Well

A couple weeks ago, I attempted to do a 7-inspired fast by eliminating seven foods from my daily diet. It didn't last because I am very weak human being. However, I noticed a considerable difference in how I felt. More on that soon.

10. Falling in Love with Reading Again

I just really, really love to read. Blogs, books, you name it. And I'll be reviewing some more of my recent favorites soon! :)

What are some things you've been enjoying lately?

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