Friday, January 3, 2014

catching up

Well, it's been almost 8 months since my 25 in my 25th post, and while I have made some progress through the list, some goals will have to be changed. And that's ok! It is curious how beginning a new year always makes people much more introspective and proactive. I know that personally, the Lord has been revealing so much to me through friends and through His word., but I'll have to share that later. For now, I want to catch up and share with y'all some of the adventures I have had in my 25th year thus far. I'm not really going through them in any order, so this is a taste of what I've done so far.

                                                                  7. Buy a new car.
My new baby, a 2013 Nissan Rogue.

At the end of June, my dad went with me to buy a new car. This day was extremely emotional, but also very exciting, as I made my first real life adult purchase! I was a hot mess that day, but the Lord did so many amazing things and provided in wonderful ways beyond my imagination. Then through the summer my new car, Scout, carried me on many a road trip, big and small.

Doesn't get much better than these three.

8. Road trip somewhere with Kristen, Cortney, and Teresa.

Well, I kind of cheated on this one. Kristen and Teresa met me in Athens and we all rode to see Cort. But it was a special day because we hadn't all been together just the four of us in years, and the Lord brought us together for a wonderful day.

15. Go to a "real" concert. 

Turns out 2013 was the year of concerts. In July, Teresa and I went to Keith Urban (as twins). In September my sister and I went to John Mayer together (swoon). And in October, Lauren and I went to see Michael Buble (swoon swoon swoon). Just a month later, Kai and I went to see Hillsong United (amazing), and a couple days after that I saw Audrey Assad and Rend Collective Experiment with my dear friend Erica. I. love. concerts.


Hillsong United Zion Tour

24. Visit Kai in D.C.

My sweet friend Kai is an extremely passionate and intelligent law student who had an internship in D.C. this summer, so just a couple weeks after purchasing my brand new 2013 Nissan Rogue, my dear friend Katie and I loaded up for a road trip of epic proportions. We made a stop in Raleigh to stay with an old friend from camp, and then we headed to our nation's capital! It was my first time in the city, but Katie loves the city, so I had two wonderful tour guides.

Mastering the art of the selfie, here, folks.


That's all for now folks! I'm so looking forward to many more memories in 2014. I've heard it said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting new results, so I've decided that instead of being insane in the new year, I would ask the Lord to help me do the hard work necessary to be the best me I can be for His glory. I'll be making monthly goals, and hopefully I'll be able to look back and see what God has done as a result of this discipline!

Grace and peace, friends.

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